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All Eyez On Me continues the MC multiVERSE

In my mind , in addition to DC and Marvel, there is another multiverse. There is the MC multiVERSE, as in the acronym for Masters of Ceremony used for rappers and Hip Hop artists, and the verses they use to inform and offer a glimpse of their view of the world. Just like the interlaced … Continue reading

HotDocs 2017 – a wrapup

Spring in Toronto meant the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, or ‘#HotDocs’. Over the last 10 years I’ve become increasingly attached to this event, graduating from seeing films after work on the weekends, to taking some time off, to using vacation time to devote to going to as many films as possible. This year did … Continue reading

Oscars LXXXIX – Awakenings 2017

After #OscarsSoWhite last year, I think the theme for the Academy Awards is “Awakenings” due to the lessons on how misinformation, exclusion, fear and isolation damage society. The healing power of art as protest overall, and the power of visual arts in particular to bring us together had a peak year in 2016. There are deserving films and performers who should get their due, and some who still are left out. That will continue to change because we know now, you can’t take anything for granted. #ArtIsLife Continue reading

The Slow Rollercoaster that is Manchester by the Sea                                             

Set in an area of the United States, seemingly unbothered by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or YOYO (You’re on your Own), MBTS is a slow rollercoaster ride. At first it unfolds like a meandering bore. The way a vintage wooden child’s train built on a track going around the grounds of a park is … Continue reading

The Girl With all the Gifts – a cinematic gift that keeps on giving

A star is born. I had my !Ah-HA! moment at the Toronto International Film Festival #TIFF16 this year after the midnight madness screening of The Girl With All The Gifts. Why? The understated as it is riveting acting by Sennia Nenua as Melanie, the titular girl, who holds every scene she is in, and steals … Continue reading

The Magnificent Seven – How the West was Hung

A general film festival rule is not to see anything that will be widely released within weeks of the screening. But, Denzel (no name necessary, aka the Big D) is in M7, so enough said. I saw this during the Toronto International Film Festival, and have mixed feelings about it. The last time I saw … Continue reading

The Handmaiden – The Usual Suspects meets Cut Snake in this erotic Korean thriller

I think I am the first person to coin the phrase ‘motion painting’.  Meaning, every frame of a movie seems like it’s own work of art with distinct brushstrokes, making a moving work of art, panel by panel. The Handmaiden is a ouija board wrapped in a vivid Katsushika Hokusai print, hidden behind an Agatha … Continue reading

The Birth of a Nation – A love story at #TIFF16 

Context is everything. When I heard that The Birth of a Nation (BoaN) was going to be at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival I was immediately tempted to see it, knowing I would unintentionally compare it to another work based on a true story, Twelve Years A Slave. One thing, I wish that was … Continue reading

Trespass Against Us – Irish version of The Parent Trap at #TIFF16

Imprisonment comes in many forms. Physical restrictions, bars that keep you from moving freely, and then there are mental traps Adam Smith’s first feature length film is a great movie about how someone tries to climb up the high, smooth sided walls in his life while trying to be loyal to those who compete for … Continue reading

Divines – Expands on the emerging Diana genre 

Poverty leads to desperate decisions. Film maker Houda Benyamina has crafted Divines into a emotionally compelling story that is almost documentary-like in its coverage of the friendship between two young women, navigating their resistance to social limits that denies them access to a commercially unattainable life they see all around them.  It’s obvious why this … Continue reading

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