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All Eyez On Me continues the MC multiVERSE

In my mind , in addition to DC and Marvel, there is another multiverse. There is the MC multiVERSE, as in the acronym for Masters of Ceremony used for rappers and Hip Hop artists, and the verses they use to inform and offer a glimpse of their view of the world. Just like the interlaced … Continue reading

Oscars LXXXIX – Awakenings 2017

After #OscarsSoWhite last year, I think the theme for the Academy Awards is “Awakenings” due to the lessons on how misinformation, exclusion, fear and isolation damage society. The healing power of art as protest overall, and the power of visual arts in particular to bring us together had a peak year in 2016. There are deserving films and performers who should get their due, and some who still are left out. That will continue to change because we know now, you can’t take anything for granted. #ArtIsLife Continue reading

Oscars 2016 – Missing categories and one more thing…

My blog leans towards sharing my opinions about films that may be under distributed or in limited release that deserve to be seen, especially those with or about people of colour or women. The Academy Awards this year has been besieged by the #OscarsSoWhite discussion about the lack of diversity in those nominated. Some of … Continue reading

2015 Top 10 Movies (The year of realism)

Review of my top ten films of 2015. Common theme – Realism Continue reading

Bearing Witness – Head Injuries and the Catholic Church

Concussion and Spotlight are reviewed as underdog releases worthy of best film of the year Continue reading

American Sniper

American Sniper is one of the best films I’ve seen in awhile. NO ONE is more surprised that I said this than I am. Here’s why…. I decided to see the movie as is. As a stand alone film. Not as a hero worshipping tribute based on the self congratulating biography of Chris Kyle.  Clint Eastwood … Continue reading


In 1964 Michael Apted started the ‘Up‘ documentary series, also known as the ‘Seven Up’ series. Fourteen British children participated in the first of the series, at 7 years old. They were from a variety of backgrounds and different geographical areas of the UK. Originally, this was to be a one-off documentary covering the lives of British … Continue reading

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