About Particular Pelicula

Thanks for reading my blog. Follow me on Twitter at @particpelic and go to my YouTube page ( ‘Particular Pelicula’) to see video reviews of some movies that are not written up on this blog

As a woman of colour, who was raised in a Third World country before moving to the developed, Western excess of North America , I flatter myself to think I have a diverse, sophisticated view of the arts. As a young girl I used to wait in anticipation for the Wonderful World of Disney, and couldn’t wait for the monthly family trip to see a G-rated movie. Usually a drive-in (even better). In addition, I spent my childhood in a family that had retail properties, and it was my job to keep the comic book rack neat and tidy. This often included reading every publication I could get my hands on before my Mother realized she had not seen me for awhile.

In recent years I’ve tailored my travels around opportunities to see art exhibits, film festivals and unique architecture. I lose myself in film, often going to see one because it has a cinematographer or editor I follow. My parents gave me a strong foundation to love reading, sewing and cooking. As a result I pay close attention to scripts, wardrobe, costumes (they’re not the same…..)  and casting (nothing worse than great ingredients that make a bad stew). My reviews are not always going to be new releases. In fact I have a list of movies I have seen over the last 40+ years that I will write about, as my view of the world has changed with experience….so has the way I regard them.

For some reason I have the audacity to think that anyone, anyone at all …….may want to read what I have to say. ‘The prism is my muse’. Follow me on Twitter at @particpelic and go to my YouTube page ‘Particular Pelicula’ to see video reviews of some movies that are not written up on this blog


Once again I’m participating in the Heart and Stroke ride on May 31st in Toronto. Rain or Shine I will cycle 75km in memory of my Father who died after suffering a massive stroke. I sincerely appreciate your support 🙂

3 thoughts on “About Particular Pelicula

  1. Where can I send you a screener for QISSA- the 2013 NETPAC Award Winner at TIFF for Best Asian Feature starts a one week engagement at TIFF Bell Lightbox before expanding to other markets.


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