TIFF 2014 Film Choices

So after staying up until the wee hours browsing www.ToFilmFest.ca (the best site to choose films for the Toronto International Film Festival in my humble opinion) I whittled it down from a possible 405 films to the top 25 that I would have to choose from to finally get to the My Choice 20 Pack that I bought for TIFF2014. Other than my dissatisfaction in the lack of an essential #FilmFestivalFan superpower to alter the time space continuum so that I can attend two (or more) films I want to see that are showing at the same time (really? REALLY!??!) I must say I ended up with a pretty good list.

The method I use to choose films is as follows;

  1. There is a distinct possibility that I will not have the opportunity to see the film again even though the description is intriguing and appears to be a one of a kind work of visual art (yeah…I get that into it. Manuscripts Don’t Burn, a stunningly in, effort of bravery I witnessed during TIFF2013 is a great example of this)
  2. It has a multicultural theme, or features strong performances by people of colour or women
  3. It has that ‘sleeper’ quality suggesting that its not a mainstream film yet…..
  4. One or more of the performances is out of the ordinary for respective actors (and I don’t just mean they are wearing makeup or have a CGI effect that makes them look differently than they usually do)
  5. There is no indication it will bore me or make me want to walk out due to scenes of gratuitous, well….anything

Here is my list of choices in alphabetical order (Updated as single tickets * are added. Note that I originally had World of Kanako chosen, however I was warned away from it by someone who saw it early on in the Festival and I switched it out for National Diploma)

  1. Cake
  2. Charlie’s Country
  3. Cut Snake
  4. The Drop
  5. Foxcatcher
  6. Girlhood
  7. A Hard Day
  8. Hyena
  9. The Imitation Game
  10. Impunity
  11. * Iraqi Odyssey
  12. The Keeping Room
  13. Mirage
  14. National Diploma *
  15. Pasolini
  16. Samba
  17. Second Coming
  18. A Single Word
  19. Timbuktu
  20. * Tokyo Tribe
  21. Top 5
  22. Welcome to Me
  23. *The Equalizer (Thanks to IMAX for the free screening hookup via Twitter)

Films I wish I could have seen and/or will line up for if single tickets become available and I can make the screening

  • Beats of the Anotov [overlaps with other selections 😦  ]
  • The Connection
  • Merchants of Doubt

Reviews will follow……


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